How are you going to be ready for leadership?

Fewer than a third of NHS Chief Executives are from a clinical background. But there is talk of turning that around in the future. As clinicians we will need to take on leadership roles but will we be ready to be managers? How will our training teach us about project management, resource allocation, or how […]

USMLE Guidance

View the PDF on how to prepare for the USMLE here: USMLE_Guidance

What is Leadership?

What is leadership? How is it different from Management? And what are the traits of a leader? If you have a lot of time for some serious procrastination read the full report here: The highlights are as follows: Leadership is hard to define because everyone has their subjective idea of what leadership means based on […]

The Future of the NHS

Interested in the future of the NHS? Then why not check out the ‘What If?’ series of essays published by the King’s Fund? The articles tend to be quite one-sided so I would recommend reading the comments for a more balanced view. You can even join in the conversation by submitting your own articles. Here […]

What’s the Nut Island Effect?

Have you read the fascinating story behind the Nut Island Effect? It’s about how a good team of hardworking people did the wrong thing and let raw sewage flow into the Boston harbour for four days because they distanced themselves from management. Read this article to find out more about how we can recognise and […]

New Year, New Blog!

Welcome to the Cambridge Health Leaders blog. I will be “regularly” adding interesting articles and ideas to the blog for your perusing pleasure. Send me your favourite articles and blogs or ideas for what you want to see next. For my first post I want totalk about Sign Up to Safety. They are a fantastic […]